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TRX Kicks Ass

     Since the first of the year I've been taking a TRX (suspension training) class at my gym, The Downtown Marquette YMCA, in St Louis.  I have always been active. I've been a member of the Y since 1983 and I'm in good shape to be 53 years old.  Our member BKMAN1 once told me that I'm doing well for my age group(I'm paraphrasing--not the exact quote).  Bottom line is TRX is the most challenging thing I've ever done in a gym.  I sometimes have to stop and catch my breath during the drills. …


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Andrew, A Short but True Story

When I was very young ... starting at three years old up through the time I had finished Kindergarten and then continuing on though my elementary school days, and fiinally reaching far into the early days of my young adulthood ... I had a wonderful black friend.  This relationship continued until his death while I attended my second year of college. His name was Andrew and loved him with all my heart.

Andrew worked many years for my parents.  He drove our family car and gardened for…


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How many off you like the muscle guys with Tattoos? Do you think that it distracts from their looks and their muscle?

And what about when they get older and their skin looses its elasticity?

Some times people have tattoos for a reason i.e. to remember a loved one or to commemorate an important event. But some times you see guys covered in them. Know I know that in the past these people have circus attractions, and we don't want to go back to that lame mentatlity.



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The Greatest


At this moment,

the leader of world’s most powerful nation,

along with the world’s most famous entertainer,

and the world’s most celebrated historical leader in recent history

are all black American men.


If you are waiting for your time to come, it…


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Getting Bigger

I am a ex-gymnast so I have always been in shape (flexible & well-defined). However, I have always been small too, even though I lift weights about five times a week. Are there are SERIOUS tips anyone can give me on how to add on weight (mass)?

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MLK Weekend Fast

A complete fast is designed to free enzymes normally occupied with digestion. Our objective in a complete fast is to free enzymes so that they can heal the body and repair damaged internal organs.


The term “complete fast” is used here to mean no…


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hi all and tnx

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