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 I first saw Dick Woods aka Nabgwaya on and He made me stop what I was doing and stare for at least 2 mins. I was blown away because I had always imagined a fine brother like this. The only problem I am now having, is seeing more photos and videos of him. The video session with Powermen was great until you get to the money shot, he had a little issue that day. I also wrote an email to dynamite studios owners of, and, they responded with a "Thanks, but the models come and go". After that the only info I could find was the powermen video shoot and some pictures of him competing for a BB Contest in Brazil. Now Powermen states in their bio on him (which is a planned made up background) that he is from Kenya and originally some type of martial artist, Hmmmm I thought, "why would a Kenyan be competing in a contest in Brazil?" So if you know any information on him pass it on. He has a growing fan base and anxious viewers would like to see more.Thanks

Dick Woods on Powermen  Dick Woods

Dick Woods

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Great question, Francois. Powermen/MH seem more attracted to recruiting foreign bodybuilders for their productions over American guys because the foreigners are a bit more expressive with their sexuality. However, even though the models they recruit will use stage names, their faces and bodies are still pretty recognizable. I think for that reason, you are right in your assumption that the backgrounds/bios on the guys may be a little "imagined." So you're boy Mr. Woods may not even be of Kenyan decent... or perhaps he was in a show in Kenya as opposed to one hosted in Brazil. I don't have any information on this particular guy, but its always pretty fun to track down these guys and discover who they are.


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