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Question for everyone?


Has any one on here ever made love to a Muscle Brother (like any of the ones on this site etc.) and what was it like and dont' leave out any details.



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No, unfortunately I have neve made love to a Muscle Brother.  I wish I could, as i love men who take care of themselves especially those who are body builders. It would be nice to just hold all of those muscles, plus as a heterosexual woman, I love to feel protected by a tall muscle bound man straight man. 

I did! ...I tended to this guy named Miles, a  creamy Mocha Brotha  in the San Diego area. I was invited over his house while he was on lunch break from the gym where he was a Personal Trainer. The most memorable part was tonguing His Sweet Taystee Muscled Ass of Steel which i never ever wanted to end. Picture this: He had me sitting on his couch. He was standing bent over his hands on his ankles  with his ass to me and watching The People's Court on TV. Tonguing the sweet hairs and probing, and savoring the droplets of salty mansweat, feeling the hard muscles against my face was totally rejuvenating . I have served some fine Muscle Brothas, many quite remarkable, but i have never since worshipped a BlackMuscle Azz as fine as this one. And to top it off, since  HE was pleased with my skillz, i was allowed to complete my full-frontal obligations as well. I was filled with joy that day. :-) 

It is still a fantasy of mine to be with a bodybuilder so that I can worship him. I am so tactile that I know I wouldn't be able to keep my from roaming all over his body! I would love for him to be taller than I am. I am 6'1". I would not turn away a bodybuilder who is shorter than I am though. They must be a top! I used to fantasize about Chris Dickerson all of the time. Then there was Sergio Oliva... Bill Grant... Robby Robinson... Johnny Fuller... I do love the current bodybuilders too!!! WHEW!!!

Rabbitt said:

@ Cameron and 11_Ved.........., Me too I have never been with a Muscle guy.......I mean I've been with some nice men but never like the one's I've seen and Witness on here.  I just wanted to know how other Brother experiences have been. 

I AM six foot,195,USED TO BE SOLID MUSCLE,NOW,SORTA SOLID,i got always huge,muscular,giant black sexy hercules types,MOST ALWAYS,back yonder,(been sexually partnered,nearly 30yrs),WITHOUT CHOCOLATE MAYBE TEN,OUCH,MY POINT IS,it even scared me,as i don't get much off on anal,and these HUGE,men,HUGE ALL OVER could have forced me,easy,IT WAS USUALLY THE OTHER WAY AROUND!,NOW WITH WHITE JERKS  BEFORE WE EVEN GOT DOWN"""I DON'T DO THIS,I'M A TOP,I DON'T BAHHBLAHHH BALHHH,i just remember sex with my big bulls as PERFECTION,EASY,FUN,YES,FUN,and that's rare in the world,it's always "no,to that,yes,maybe",all i remember is men with huge biceps,and bodies like gods,fuckin,playing all night,and SEX THAT IS FIFTY FIFTY OR MORE,my guy now,is great,but none of the kissing,necking,ect,(bi),but he's a good man,NOW SEND ME KEN NORTON,OR SHAWNE MERRIMAN,DAMN 

I haven't, but I'm looking for a top muscle brother in Chicago.

Tiago-- Now that would be the Dream  type of  scenario.  A muscleman hook up  on the regular !!

Unthinkable anything like that could last 20 yrs.   Well you got plenty of fond memories.

WON-DER-FUL..I find that a man will defined with muscles can be pleasing to the eyes (my eyes) because that's what I like. Everything else falls into place when they like what they see also. To have someone take their time to make sure you get what you need, and at same time getting what they need can be a WON-DER-FUL thing.....

Damn very well put Mr. C

I did again (yeeesss)!!! I spent this whole weekend with a friend that had been in jail for 3 years (drug sales).After being told he would be getting out 3/6, I thought ok, he was in great shpe before jail. Thinking his baby momma would pick him up.  Much to my surprise he asked me to pick him up, & if he could stay here until his mother came back to town on 3/10,  my reply was yes!

Well after 1 drink , Friday night, some THINGS came out. We kept on talking, which led to alot of emotions (his). I always felt there was something more than the friendship that we had for the past 11years! Well, you can let your mind wonder with the size of ANY man who been in prison for 3 years!!

Saturday morn he apologized for he action(s) on Friday night, however, the "I AM SO SORRY" came with a hug that lasted for 2 minutes which included flexing ALL those muscles. (MY WEAKNESS) 

Almost half that day Saturday, we just couldn't get enough of each other (or I couldn't), we had that conversation about being horny, the first willing person after 6 years, and the most important one, now what? Well I dont take care of grown people, & won't start.

Then more on Sunday at my requested! I found myself enjoying ALL those muscles, incredible, delicious, very wonderous!! Then his mother called about 7 p.m. took him to her house, saw his mom, Listened to her telling him "TO STICK AROUND ME, TO KEEP YOURSELF ON THE STRAIGHT PATH... his reply  "O.K... I WILL DO THAT) 

So enjoy this one, cuz I don't always kiss & tell!! 







Damn BryanC........go for it boy....hell I'm not mad at sha!!!!

That was so hot to read.

Glenn Wheeler said:

I made it with a huge young man, with a voice like Barry White and a chest that would have taken an entire year to explore. He was a college football player, very handsome and slow in his incredible moves. So big and strong. I felt wonderfully small enclosed in his massive frame. He was very generous in sex, so he moved slowly through incredible moves and allowed me to worship him throughout our love-making.

You could Lay in dat azz and get it pregnant




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