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Question for everyone?


Has any one on here ever made love to a Muscle Brother (like any of the ones on this site etc.) and what was it like and dont' leave out any details.



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I feel you Iam a muscle dud who is into frottage...that is more of a turn-on for me than dickin' a


Johnny L. Hopkins said:

The only time I did anything with a bodybuilder was a few years ago when I had a muscle worship session. It was okay, but he was straight and did not get into anything much. It is hard to find a muscle guy that is willing to hang out with you and make out. One of my fantasies is to make out with a muscle dude and rub all over his body. It would be especially fun if he is into foreplay and frottage.

If you are a muscle guy and need discreet massage by a muscle worshipper in LA, hit me up.  You must be serious and I am am discrete.  peace.

Damn that sounds soooo good. I would love to meeet a guy like that

River said:

Yo!  Believe it or not, the dude I met was "straight."  I had no inkling that our chance meeting would result in him making the first move!  I was certainly interested in busting my nut, but when he wanted major body contact and wanted me to grind on-top of him that took the event to another level.  He doesn't "do" intercourse, but the dude make some good lovin' to me.


Honestly, if I had been looking for this in some "gay" dude, I would've had to run up and down Mount Everest just to get some conversation during the session!!!! 



This was unreal; we still get together now and then and his body still makes me crumble!

I use to date muscular guys all the time. Usually they are taller, more muscular and wanted money to help support their bodybuilding aspiration. I would offer to pay their gym fees and purchase supplements necessary for training. This one guy really got into me literally and physically. He wanted to spend time with me on a daily bases like we were developing a relationship. At first it was weird because he was sooooo much larger and stronger than me. I find that sexy because I have a large personality at 5’7’ 170lbs  so I need someone physically larger to handle me, and he did! 

My ex was roughly 6'2 240 solid.  Second hottest body I have ever been with.  In my experience guys like this aren't the best lovers.  Its the thinner guys who really know how to work you.  I did enjoy my ex and his wonderful body.  That HUGE chest was amazing.  The hottest body I have been with was a little small for a body builder but he had the biggest muscle when compared to body fat I had ever been with.  and the 11 inch dick was an extra treat.  Bitch use to tease me had me falling off the bed chasing that giant anaconda.  His dick touched the bed while he was up right on his knees.  He was a sight to behold. I almost forgot my first boyfriend.  I can't remember his stats but he was a big little dude.  I was 215lbs at the time and he would pick me up and throw me around the bed like a fuckin rag doll.

Worship me you sexy fuck

Glenn Wheeler said:

I made it with a huge young man, with a voice like Barry White and a chest that would have taken an entire year to explore. He was a college football player, very handsome and slow in his incredible moves. So big and strong. I felt wonderfully small enclosed in his massive frame. He was very generous in sex, so he moved slowly through incredible moves and allowed me to worship him throughout our love-making.

Yes, I like big thick black dick; they make love/lust great, make you feel like soooo good.


Sure i had a great but brief time with a dude who was a self proclaimed "power lifter'' not necessarily a body builder( not sure I  fully appreciate the difference) but he does have a great physique. Sex with him was so good when we got together. the sex was sick. he and I would orgasm multi times. he put so much effort in to his thrust and into his muscles contractions that we both were just delirious afterwards and very hungry for protein post our coitial sessions. I'm thinking tha bcuz of their size many brothas who vizually like them are intimidated to date them or be in a relationship. that's unfortunate bcuz both lose out on a really pleasant sensual and sexy time with our muscled bro's. 

No, unfortunately I have neve made love to a Muscle Brother.  I wish I could, as i love men who take care of themselves especially those who are body builders. It would be nice to just hold all of those muscles, plus as a heterosexual woman, I love to feel protected by a tall muscle bound man straight man. 

I did! ...I tended to this guy named Miles, a  creamy Mocha Brotha  in the San Diego area. I was invited over his house while he was on lunch break from the gym where he was a Personal Trainer. The most memorable part was tonguing His Sweet Taystee Muscled Ass of Steel which i never ever wanted to end. Picture this: He had me sitting on his couch. He was standing bent over his hands on his ankles  with his ass to me and watching The People's Court on TV. Tonguing the sweet hairs and probing, and savoring the droplets of salty mansweat, feeling the hard muscles against my face was totally rejuvenating . I have served some fine Muscle Brothas, many quite remarkable, but i have never since worshipped a BlackMuscle Azz as fine as this one. And to top it off, since  HE was pleased with my skillz, i was allowed to complete my full-frontal obligations as well. I was filled with joy that day. :-) 

It is still a fantasy of mine to be with a bodybuilder so that I can worship him. I am so tactile that I know I wouldn't be able to keep my from roaming all over his body! I would love for him to be taller than I am. I am 6'1". I would not turn away a bodybuilder who is shorter than I am though. They must be a top! I used to fantasize about Chris Dickerson all of the time. Then there was Sergio Oliva... Bill Grant... Robby Robinson... Johnny Fuller... I do love the current bodybuilders too!!! WHEW!!!

Rabbitt said:

@ Cameron and 11_Ved.........., Me too I have never been with a Muscle guy.......I mean I've been with some nice men but never like the one's I've seen and Witness on here.  I just wanted to know how other Brother experiences have been. 

I AM six foot,195,USED TO BE SOLID MUSCLE,NOW,SORTA SOLID,i got always huge,muscular,giant black sexy hercules types,MOST ALWAYS,back yonder,(been sexually partnered,nearly 30yrs),WITHOUT CHOCOLATE MAYBE TEN,OUCH,MY POINT IS,it even scared me,as i don't get much off on anal,and these HUGE,men,HUGE ALL OVER could have forced me,easy,IT WAS USUALLY THE OTHER WAY AROUND!,NOW WITH WHITE JERKS  BEFORE WE EVEN GOT DOWN"""I DON'T DO THIS,I'M A TOP,I DON'T BAHHBLAHHH BALHHH,i just remember sex with my big bulls as PERFECTION,EASY,FUN,YES,FUN,and that's rare in the world,it's always "no,to that,yes,maybe",all i remember is men with huge biceps,and bodies like gods,fuckin,playing all night,and SEX THAT IS FIFTY FIFTY OR MORE,my guy now,is great,but none of the kissing,necking,ect,(bi),but he's a good man,NOW SEND ME KEN NORTON,OR SHAWNE MERRIMAN,DAMN 


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