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Question for everyone?


Has any one on here ever made love to a Muscle Brother (like any of the ones on this site etc.) and what was it like and dont' leave out any details.



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u tell me al the details . wanna  hear it



My brother, I bet you got some good stories.  Muscle ass is real good too!  :-)

Czar L Morales said:

I only get fucked real hard by black muscle dick, especially the ones that are on th DL; black dick knows what anh how to do it.


Absolutely, and many times!  Bro muscle is unique because the physique radiates musculinity.  The alpha black torso is characterized by genetic perfection: broad shoulders over very narrow hips\ high butt.  Big biceps accentuated by somewhat small joints.  Long powerfully muscular arms and legs.  And, of-course, a piece of low-hanging meat,  mouthwatering to behold. 

Yo!  Believe it or not, the dude I met was "straight."  I had no inkling that our chance meeting would result in him making the first move!  I was certainly interested in busting my nut, but when he wanted major body contact and wanted me to grind on-top of him that took the event to another level.  He doesn't "do" intercourse, but the dude make some good lovin' to me.


Honestly, if I had been looking for this in some "gay" dude, I would've had to run up and down Mount Everest just to get some conversation during the session!!!! 



This was unreal; we still get together now and then and his body still makes me crumble!

As a muscle fan, I have had the honor and pleasure of making out/being with bodybuilders of almost every race.

As for the gorgeous black bodybuilder.....there is a young one now that I am with sometimes on the DL who has a beautiful body, cocky attitude and the biggest cock I have ever seen. But as for the massive muscleman:

-It was a few years ago, he was a bouncer at a club that I worked at part time. Joe (not his real name) was about 6'2", 275 and huge everywhere. He liked towering over me and showing me how strong he was compared to me. He was rough when he wanted to be by using his muscles to contort my body to his whim. But he was also VERY gentle. The sensation of Joe when he was flexing huge arms, bouncing his pecs while I was sucking on them, crushing me between his massive thighs until I would almost pass out is a great sensation to experience. Joe liked having his ass rimmed while even flexing his ass muscles in my face almost smothering me and then he would laugh about it. I really enjoyed when we would cuddle as we fell asleep. Having huge arms across your chest and feeling his chest on my back was amazing or if I curled up in arms (and he would flex) was great too.

But....when I would be on my knees in front of him or him laying in bed and he would get hard (he liked wearing bikini briefs) and force my mouth onto his crotch (and my hands would be feeling his quads) was perhaps the greatest sensation. There is nothing like a beautiful black bodybuilder with a huge cock begging for sucking and Joe liked getting head. The first time he tried to fuck me it hurt like hell....I screamed like he was splitting me in two! But I think I liked the sensation of feeling his weight on top of me more than almost anything.

I have been with Asians (shy), Latinos (quick) and white bodybuilders. (I still see a "straight" bodybuilder who likes when I worship his body) but the attitude and bulge of a muscled brother is amazing. The young guy I train with is going to be (at least I hope) an amazing experience. He has stunning abs, a bubble butt, nice pecs, strong and is incredibly hung. We're taking it slow an easy. I don't want to rush him, but last weekend was......

I wish i could too, especially after reading these stories
11_ved said:

I wish i could


I agree, a major muscle fan.. This would be incredible, or to be allowed to just view and have him speak to me on cam, or skype.

@ Cameron and 11_Ved.........., Me too I have never been with a Muscle guy.......I mean I've been with some nice men but never like the one's I've seen and Witness on here.  I just wanted to know how other Brother experiences have been. 

yeah, i have. several times. the best guys are the ones who luv appreciation. who let a man linger with his tongue between their pecs, on their nips, under their balls, along their shafts, gently caressing their heads. the kind of guy who knows that he'll cum best after he's opened up a guy with his tongue and the slow, gentle moves that make the small of his back piston in a way that pleats all the ripped muscles on his torso and shredded abs while his pussy boy struggles beneath him in ecstasy and begs to be pounded down. 

Damn, I wanna totally appreciate big massive muscle. Just to get the chance.

@ HJ - Damn I love the way you put it!!!!




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