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I know this site is about "bigblkmuscles" and everything, but is there such a thing as TOO big.? Like for example, I feel like bodybuilder type men are nice to look at. However, some of them are WAY too big for my tastes and I know their muscles would be all hard and whatnot. What's your take on this.?

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maybe I'm just greedy but there is  no such thing as to big when it comes to muscle and no such thing as to much power when it comes to strenght.


Great pics---  I agree !!!
LegLuver said:

I feel you on this man and I gotta agree and say there IS a thing as being too big like Ronnie Coleman. I like the one LIKE Ulisses, Morris Mendez, Kenyatta Wilson(check out the pics in my profile) cause they have size and their abs are great, not that bloated look that some have. The toned, lean, athletic type build is a winner in my book ALWAYS!!

(See the pics, THESE are the kind of bodies that drive me up the WALL!!)

In addition to the HGH you have the issue of drinking excessive amounts of water that while it may "flush" some of the synthetic chemicals, in the long run it can damage both the liver and the kidneys, permanently. Is all this "size" really worth it?

Ed Clarke said:

i have to agree with those who say that the gigantic bodybuilders like Coleman are too big when it somes to their gut and waists. i hadn't realized that HGH will add fat to the internal organs and is the reason for the bloated abdomens. It's rather gross to look at and obviously dangerous! But i also have to say that when it comes to legs or biceps, nothing is too big. So, i have two minds on this topic . . . it just depends on what you're talking about.

As long as it's healthy, and nobody's getting hurt, and it's what the bodybuilder wants, I don't see a problem with a guy getting really big. That's just even more meat for me to play with!


I agree with u; I luvv slim muscular bodybuilders. I  luvv looking at their nice bigg dicks. Big bodybuilders; a lot if dem have small dicks; doesnt look gud bruh.

i guess a too big is if a person is what they use to call muscle bond. that is when you have gotten so big that you have lost some of your mobility like your lats are so big you can't lay your hands to your side and touch your waste.

I feel the same.  I like the body builders of the 60's that concentrated on their symmetry instead of there size. (Bob Paris) Unless you are a pro body builder bigger is not always better.

There is no such thing as too big. Arnold was big in his time but compared to Ronnie Coleman today he looks smallish musclewise. I have to be honest to me bigger is better. I like Victor Richards aka Mr. Big. He is proud and happy to be big.

Yes. When it adversely affects the bodybuilders health.

What is "too big" would be relative to your current size and intentions....   ;


.  Here's a recent video of Arnold and it relates to this discussion.  He calls out the judges.  Good for him  but at the same time there are fans that love to see the Big muscleguys.  Ronnie is a classic example of a thick chisled look that was just as pleasing as Steve Reeves- whom Arnold mentioned. 

Bodybuilding is such a subculture with very  little insight on the stuff they don't want you to see.   It takes MONEY for these guys to stay in the gym like they do.  Money to look the way they do.   Personal training is not gonna pay  for all of that.   Wanna bet some put on  personal  flex n  feel shows to  the  big  $$$ freaks.  LOL

Gary, your link didn't work.




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