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A member - Carlos Aguilar posted a link  to a go fund me page for  bodybuilder Tay Gorilla Season.  I  checked the page out and It was a very nice write up about Tay and  the goals and purpose for the funding.  Wow, in 4 days  he's received almost 80% of the funds requested.  I am just as excited as he must be BECAUSE- " WHO KNEW".

When I hear about  GO FUND ME PAGES,  it  is mostly related to a news story you see about  a family or person dealing with some  tragic  or unfortunate life issue.  Checking further I see the spectrum is very broad for request for  funding.

  FROM COLLEGE TUITION, NEED A NEW ROOF OR I WANT A NEW CAR.   I admire Tay for stepping forward and asking for help.  YOU  ain't gotta be rich to help.  I've seen from  $5 to an  incredible $1,000.00 donation for this funding- OUTSTANDING. 

SO, ARE WE CHARTING NEW TERRITORY HERE FOR BODYBUILDING AND FUNDING ?   I checked further and there were less than 10 people  from a google search.


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Scammers are online so people must be vigilant in dealing with these sites. 

Thank you, James, these are important links.It is really absolutely necessary  to inform yourself before donating money. You should always be very careful and never donate money if you aren't absolutely convinced of the correctness of an operating company. I speak from experience because I believed in an emergency case and my compassion opened my purse. But I learned from my mistake and it never happened again. So use the internet for a detailed research regarding the reputation and integrity of a company or institution. If you don't find any good confirmations keep your hands off. And when you are in touch with a private person who asks for money even bigger carefulness and caution are required. It's so simple to spread out human stories of tragic and sadness via internet. Just common sense should be on top of all decisions. It's really very sad that honest people in big emergency cases can be influenced negatively because of criminal subjects who misapply the internet for threir disgusting frauds. But IF you are sure and If you find the right proofs for a true need so don't hesitate to help as far as you can. Remember:





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