black bodybuilders & musclemen

Just the fact that everyone here loves muscles, or reading the discussion about grinding or seeing the pics put up by abpuncher tells me that many guys here have fetishes. My fetish is feet, I love manly brothas with nice feet. The pics that grab me the most are the ones with the muscular brothas who are barefooted. I find also that muscles and muscle play(erotic wrestling, ab punching and muscle worship) are major turn ons. So gentlemen, what are you fetishes?

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I love men in biker shorts / spandex. Particularly large black men that are between muscular and fat.

My favorite kind of dude is sort of muscular but with some baby fat. Sort of like a former football player that's put on a few extra pounds on his ass, thighs and a soft tummy. Big juicy lips and a large package in between those big thighs. If any of you reading this fits this description, please feel free to contact.

You can do no wrong in my book.

I have a thing for men who have those nice thick beards,,,,men with hair on there chest and men in timberlands

body contact nipples feets legs ares butt back neck ears hands fingers i have a fetish damn big but lot of big muscles guys here are leaving

ABS, ABS, ABS. A guy with a sexy stomach is someone I could have a lot of fun with!

Finally on page 11 I find someone who enjoys abs on a black dude.  Ripped, shredded 6 packs and 8 packs are amazing to see, feel, touch, lick, suck, nibble...

I do the leather thing really good,GERMAN,you either are leather or not,but it bored me stiff,like to dress up,suit,ect,in leather and cap,i am NAZI TYPE,SCARE EM AWAY,MOST LEATHER MEN ARE PUSSIES,AND IF YOUR ASS IS TIRED,AND SAGGIN,LIKE SO MANY OF THEM,DON'T SPEND A FORTUNE ON CHAPS WITH THAT SAD,TIRED ASS HANGING OUT,FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!,leather is in the mind,i love to lick nips,and a good wild spanking,but i seemed to HAUL THESE HUGE MUSCLED BLACK BULLS OVER MY KNEE,FUNNY HUH.neck,ears,lick me there,i'll go wild,JIMMY DURANTE COULD DO IT AND I'D FUCK HIM,well,not now,love big man ass,so the black man is perfect for me,and being held down and eaten good,nothing like it

mine too... u are not alone on this one...

larry faye estes said:

Sticking my nose where it ought not be, like in arm pits and other hairy places gets me instantly 'high"!

Luv all kinda shiny and tight suits, shorts or pants and shirts. A hot butt or a nice bulge makes me horny. Also well muscled upper body (abs, pecs, chest...) - shirtless or in a supertight t turns on.

 i cannot BEGIN to list my kinks,most and best done by hot black studs,i think besides havin my bare butt spanked by a big black sexy hercules,i did actually have a fetish fantasy at the top of my list happen,spread eagle,on a bed,leather cuffed,and entertained by two hot bulls,my ideals would be,not in this order,jerome bettis and "mean joe green",in his prime,both licking my nips,neck,ears,69ing,i'd go sex mad,sit on my face,and let me feel their manhood driving it good and down home atop me,ouch,so many duo's,shawn merriman,jamal lewis,lawrence taylor,and jim brown,actuallly taylor and brown would be excellent stud disciplinarians,both whippin my ass red hot,and my sexy muscled partner,ouch

As a str8 white male ... a Black muscle worshipper and admitted Servant to the Advancement of Black Men in Society ... i still am humbled by OMINOUS BULGES packed or stuffed into the pouches OF the flimsiest nylon-lycra-spandex bikinis posisible. Especially if the Black god has a stern look on His powerful face. There are not enough photos of prominent and CONFIDENT "Bulges" in Bikinis out there.

Tiago, what poster is assuming everyone has a fetish? The op didn't. Even if someone is a little careless in their posting so that it seems they assume this, it probably isn't the case since it would be silly to do so. Do you have moral reservations regarding fetishes? Perhaps your views on this would be informative.

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zarathustra said:

black super heroes Icon, Black Panther, especially when they re entrapped by an arch villian. Ohh and those tight super hero suits too. Also visiting BWN oohh those wrestlers are so cool.




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