black bodybuilders & musclemen

Just the fact that everyone here loves muscles, or reading the discussion about grinding or seeing the pics put up by abpuncher tells me that many guys here have fetishes. My fetish is feet, I love manly brothas with nice feet. The pics that grab me the most are the ones with the muscular brothas who are barefooted. I find also that muscles and muscle play(erotic wrestling, ab punching and muscle worship) are major turn ons. So gentlemen, what are you fetishes?

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Hey Will, if that thick muscular butt protudes all the better and easier to spank, lick, poke whatever ... have fun with your fetish.  I own a butt that loves your fetish.

always love muscle domination,strength overpowering you to a fierce fucking,or spanking,helpless,and also the REVERSE,love to dominate a big buck,tied,letting him feel the ass whippin,electro.i find a huge man tied for me to apply the electro milking,and forced erections,juice,and cum exploding while the stallion fights his restraignts,electro from tens,violet wand,ect,surging thru his most sensitive,intimate parts while he's helpless to buck,a bi a.s.u. football muscle beauty,ty was 28,7'3,probably 270.i tied him after phenomenal sex,our perhaps dozen or so all nighters.he didn't know i'd tied him for electro,only bondage blindfold,gag,and four hours later,hard entire time as ass electrode fed his phenomenal perfect 14 inch phallus.eight orgasms,each one longer and more intense.i wet his sweaty body,i 69nd him first.shocking tingling asshole was answered with gloved hand holding metal round cog grips which i lay upon his wet roped fist sized nuts.a true mechanical bull ride.leather cuffs on ankles,wrists,to side eyehooks,huge belts held abs,bull's thick neck.cum blew like a cannon shot partner called,we both at one point using ass electrodes in us with tesla violet wand lighting ejecting thousands of tiny shocking lightning snap current from fingertips,metal,our tongues.randy licked his big nipples,bellowing i stroked shaft,balls in total darkness,strobe blue flashing slow motion as huge buck came and screamed in ecstacy.later he paddled my butt so hard it broke a inch thick spanking board,but,SO WORTH IT.also read and used grandad's "shock wand" ,reading his hid smut stash of "mandingo,drum" books,i found estim gave the best orgasms ever.a rod inside ass,metal roller head on balls,the stories of huge black bulls made to perform as breeders,and hung by ankles,paddled naked,then coating of pimentade(1/3 salt,vinegar,red cayanne pepper mash,left to "simmer",applied by a brush to "heal' their blistered behinds,really made me shoot.ken norton hung and paddled in "drum" later got me jacking for days,wish someone would redue "drum" with gay bucks spanked "southern style",ouch

so hot


I have a strong foot fetish for Aaron Brumfield & Darrem Charles my two black muscle gods. Wish I could lick & kiss their feet

Jay Dub said:

I think i'm beginning to develop a foot fetish. I never cared before, but i've noticed that i'm starting to notice them more. And navels too...though i hesitate to call it a fetish.
There is little to nothing, actually, on the black male body that is not worth worship and worship has so many 'ways' about it.
Im with Jon and Max Well.  I love see guys with nice bodies in tight revealing clothes
STRANGE,when i was younger,i always dug a sensuous spanking,the endorphin release,a strong man dominating you,energizes,and psychiatrists in the 1950's gathered allot of evidence,males got erections when spanked,their theory "spanking causes homosexuality",OBVIOUSLY NOT TRUE,most men in prison eh,were beaten allot,spanked allot,but the endorphin rush to the buttocks causes a erection,i always got hot when a black man spanked me,as they did it the way they did their lovemaking,FUN,GOOD,HOT.but usually now,i'm spanking THE BLACK BIG BULLS,strange,but i enjoy this too as well

let me rim them

Yes fetish ..............the strong thighs of a bodybuilder , sprinter of football player would count as my fetish....the shape of the quads and well built hams drive me to another place.....
Oh my, Henry Jamfe, I wish I were hooked up to you when you are driven "to that other place."

Henry Jamfe said:
Yes fetish ..............the strong thighs of a bodybuilder , sprinter of football player would count as my fetish....the shape of the quads and well built hams drive me to another place.....

Max Well said:
My fetish are butts, can't help my self from duble taking, and I play football, so all of those tight butts in underarmour pants make me drool!




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